Teruo Nakamura + Red Shoes Foundation
The Safety Channel Presents

Fight Against Ebola
the Children in Liberia
WORLD AIDS DAY concert 12.1.14
7PM@ShapeShifter Lab

Urgent Call to Action of Awareness and Fundraising
Teruo Nakamura Rising Sun Band
Special Guest Monday Michiru
The Safety Channel
Providence Baptist Church Medical Center and Orphanage
in Monrovia, Liberia

AIDS concert 04-page-001According to the U.N. children’s agency, at least 3,700 children across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have lost one or more parents to Ebola and that figure is expected to double by mid-October. Many of these children are left to fend for themselves, and continue to live inside infected houses.

“Help whoever in need of help right now.” That’ is the reason why Teruo Nakamura, producer and legendary Jazz Bassist, decided to perform a live concert on this WORLD AIDS DAY, December 1, 2014 at 7 PM@ShapeShifter Lab (18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY 11215)

For over decades, Teruo Nakamura has been an advocate for AIDS pandemic awareness through Red Shoes Foundation / JAWS (Japanese AIDS Workshop Series) He has produced numerous concerts for AIDS awareness and other causes both in the US and Japan. The principal hasn’t changed since he started some 20 years ago.

In the late August of 2014, Teruo was sitting with Yovette Markey, founder of the Safety Channel and co-presenter of the concert. Yovette Markey invented Safetytip, a safety needle device used to help prevent needlestick injuries for healthcare workers after a friend of hers, a medical doctor contracted HIV and HepC from a needlestick injury. Her friend eventually died from the disease. Their discussion evolved to the current Ebola outbreak.  With more than 4500 death toll, Ebola is now feared to become Pandemic like HIV/AIDS. “Both epidemics started in Africa and most impacted the people without proper medical treatment and other basic needs.” Teruo adds, “ I’ve been living by playing Jazz, the music originated in Africa. In fact, we have learned from African people that music is a powerful tool for communicating and connecting with each other.

Yovette introduced Teruo to Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr. , senior Pastor of Providence Baptist Church Medical Center and Orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia, who has been visiting the US for fundraising. The church has been serving as a partner with Liberian Government to fight the spread of the disease and to minister to the moral, physical, material and spiritual need of the nation and its people.

To respond to an urgent call to action, Teruo and Yovette agreed that while it is still very important to maintain awareness on the AIDS/HIVS pandemic, that the new pandemic in the crisis stage is Ebola. They decided to expand this year’s social conscious on December 1st, National AIDS day to the urgent need of children suffering unimaginably emotional and physical trauma as their parents are disappearing as victims of the Ebola epidemic. They decided to help Reverend Reeves in his efforts to raise funds for medical supplies, clean water and housing for the children being affected by this Ebola crisis. “We would like to bring attention to the needs of the children which is beyond urgent now. “ says Yovette Markey, a mother of three.

Responding to Teruo’s call, legendary musicians and long time HIV/AIDS awareness collaborators such as Bill Washer, Jay Rodriquez and Ronnie Burrage have gathered for the cause once again. “It’s also a blessing that Journalist Yoshihiro Muto, advisor of JAWS is giving us hands and ShapeShifter Lab offered us a help too.  This progressive thinking venue with artistic integrity immediately showed sympathy and agreed to let us use their state of art facility of streaming live so that the message could reach even more people on the planet.”

The event will call for people to be united to challenge prejudice and ignorance about infectious diseases so we altogether can fight against Pandemic.

What:    PANDEMIC~AIDS to EBOLA World AIDS Day Concert
Who:     Teruo Nakamura Rising Sun Band with Monday Michiru
MC: Rob Crocker, WBGO-FM
Date:     Monday, December 1st
Time:    7pm – 9:30pm
Place: ShapeShifter Lab 18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY 11215  (646) 820-9452
R Train @Union Street (1 stop south of Barclays Center)
Admission: $15 + voluntary donation

Donations are collected Providence Baptist Church Medical Center and Orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia via The Safety Channel (Safety Issues Publications, Inc. a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization)

Streaming Live via

Rising Sun Band:
Bill Washer        (Guitar)
Dave Schnitter  (Tenor Sax and Soprano Sax)
Jay Rodriguez   (Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax)
Ron Thompson   (Keyboards)
Ronnie Burrage  (Drums)
DJ Fuso   (Synthesizers)
Teruo Nakamura  (Bass)
Special Guest
Monday Michiru (Vocal/Flute)



Teruo Nakamura Rising Sun Band
feat. David Schnitter (sax) Bill Washer (guitar)
“Return To Greenwich Village”

June 24 (Tue) 8PM @Zinc Bar
June 25 (Wed) Canceled
July 31(Thu) 8:30PM @Zinc Bar

*Due to the venue condition, we moved the date from June 25 to 24 and added a new show on July 31st.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

After a long hiatus, Jazz Bassist/Producer Teruo Nakamura will revisit his two timeless classic electric Jazz albums from the late 1970’s, “Rising Sun” and “ Manhattan Special.”

82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan)
Greenwich Village New York NY 10012
tel. 212-477-ZINC (9462)
Admission : $15

- Teruo Nakamura Rising Sun Band feat. David Schnitter and Bill Washer -
Teruo Nakamura (bass)
David Schnitter (sax)
Bill Washer (guitar)
Robert Aaron (keyboard)
Mike Flythe (drums)
Joe Berger (guitar, sound design)

For decades, while Teruo Nakamura was busy producing more than 60 records performed by such legendary musicians as Stanley Turrentine, George Benson, Roy Haynes, Grover Washington, Hellen Merrill, Bob Mintzer, Steve Grossman, Roy Ayers, Steve Gadd and Herbie Hancock, and working tirelessly for AIDS awareness both in the US and Japan, his original electric Jazz sound has not only survived, but also thrived with a little help from unlikely artists such as hip hop sampling wizards PM Dawn, The Roots and Jay Z. Inheriting such fighting spirit of bebop and insatiable hunger for funkiness, “ Rising Sun” and “ Manhattan Special” became cult classics and put him on a hip hop family tree as well.
With his new Rising Sun band it’s his turn to examine his own music roots.  In Greenwich Village where his legend was created, it will be the night to explore a new dawn for electric Jazz and beyond.

David Schnitter is an excellent hard bop tenor saxophonist most influenced by Dexter Gordon. After he moved to New York he became a member of Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. He worked with Freddie Hubbard and had associations with Frank Foster, Charles Earland, and Groove Holmes.

 Bill Washer has recorded and/ or performed with: Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Elvin Jones, Barry Miles, Curtis Fuller, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Cliff and Frank Sinatra to name a few. Bill brings the distinct funk guitar sound with a driving sense of rhythm and a keen ear for improvisation.


June 24 (Tue) 8PM @Zinc Bar
June 25 (Wed) Canceled
July 31(Thu) 8:30PM @Zinc Bar



その間70年代後半に“ライジングサン”名義でリリースされた中村照夫のエレクトリック・ジャズアルバムに目をつけたのがヒップ・ホップ世代。ザ・ルーツ, PMドーン、Jay-Zらが楽曲をサンプリング。ジャズからヒップホップへ受け継がれて行く黒人音楽の系図上にも存在を刻みつける事となった。

今回のライブは中村照夫自身がルーツに戻り“ライジングサン”、“マンハッタン・スペシャル”の2枚のエレクトリック・ジャズ・アルバムからプレイ。 新たなライジングサン・バンドではサックスのデヴィッド・シュニッター(アート・ブレイキー&ザ・ジャズ・メッセンジャーズ)とファンク・ギタリストのビル・ワッシャーを迎えビバップのファイティングスピリッツと飽くなきグルーブへの探求、伝説のライブハウス、ボトムラインを熱狂させたグリニッジ・ビレッジの一夜が甦る。